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Biarritz, a privileged environment,
located along the Basque Coast

less than 25 kilometers from the Spanish border

The station's mild climate, the spectacle of the ocean and its powerful waves, and the eclectic architecture have inspired many writers.

Set off on a cultural getaway and discover picturesque, typically Basque villages that will certainly win your heart over.

For sport lovers, some of Europe’s best-rated golf courses are located nearby.
Surf fans, both lifetime and one-time, have been catching waves off the Basque coast for more than 50 years.

Biarritz overview wouldn’t be complete without mentioning rugby and the Biarritz Olympique, and also Basque rural sports, Basque choral music and Basque pelota.

Thalassotherapy is another traditional local activity. No surprise that Biarritz keeps it alive with a variety of thalassotherapy centers set around the hotel.

Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III, liked Biarritz a lot and regularly stayed here with her crown-wearing husband. Russian aristocracy, coming to Biarritz to pay them visit, fell in love with the resort to the point of setting up here an important Russian community.
We will keep you updated of the must-do’s of the moment.

How to come to the hotel?

Tonic Hotel Biarritz - Situation

By car : A63 via Bordeaux ou A64 via Toulouse.
Exit : Biarritz la Negresse.
Secured Parking available in the hotel

Tonic Hotel Biarritz - Situation

Biarritz railway station(5 km from downtown Biarritz) to Paris Montparnasse, Bordeaux.
Hendaye railway station (30 min) to Madrid

Tonic Hotel Biarritz - Situation

By plane : Direct flights: Paris( Orly,CDG), Lyon, London, Nice*, Dublin*, , Geneva*, Bristol*, Birmingham*, Stockholm*, Bruxelles Charleroi*, Rotterdam*, (*not available all year long), Airport Pau (1hr), Airport San Sébastian(45 mn), Airport Hub international Bilbao(2hrs).

Grand Tonic Hôtel Biarritz

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